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Firstly I love what I do, bringing to fruition a brides wedding vision, that she has probably had from being a very little girl, or a mum and dads birthday theme for their childs special day, is always a joy to be a part of, and create.

This profession is a crowded space, to stand out you need a special touch, glowing recommendations, and a dedicated work ethic.

  • 10 Years of Experience

  • 100's of Events Dressed

  • Glowing Personal Recommendations

Victoria Parkinson
Event Dresser & Decorator
. Victoria . Events Dresser
Recent Sucessful Events

Your at-a-glance guide to some of my recent events, their locations and the type of event it was. Please contact me at vicky@victoriaseventsuk.com so I can check my availability for your upcoming event date and have an initial chat about the kind of event you are hoping to hold, and what help you would like me to possibly provide. Its all down to distance and intricacy of the event you would like me to stage and dress for you.

1. Liverpool
{20 May : 2023}

Wedding Reception Space

2. Lake District
{3 June : 2023}

50th Birthday Party

3. Preston
{10 June : 2023}

Wedding Room & Reception

4. Preston
{17 June : 2023}

Ribby Hall Event

Event Questions

With every kind of event there are always many questions about time, logistics and communication that need to be planned and thought about, to help I have listed some here..

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions not covered here, or require further detail.

  • How long does it take to dress a venue/event?
    This question is easily answered as its all down to you and your vision. The more in-depth, intricate or scale of event you wish to have will always determine how long things will take. I try wherever possible to complete all work the day before, to allow you the opportunity of seeing it in advance, but this is also dependant on the access I have to the venue.
  • Why do we need an Event Dresser/Decorator?
    Quite simply you have to many other things to focus on if its your wedding, like hair, makeup, bridesmaids, the dress, your parents, your guests, leave the hard work of creating a wow factor for your venue to me.
  • What are the costs involved?
    Again its all down to what you want. What I always advise is set yourself a budget, and then i can provide you with various options based on that budget, to try and meet your expectations.
  • How do you plan a destination wedding?
    Overseas wedding events require much more time to plan, meticulous detail and consequently a much bigger budget is needed, however I am happy to take on the challenge.
  • What About Bouncy Castles, Stationery, Cakes etc?
    I work closely with trusted vendors of many various services, including Cake Makers, Celebrants, Bouncy Castle providers etc and can include them in any quote I provide for you.
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